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François Geurds (46) is the most acclaimed chef in Rotterdam. He owns Food Labs by François Geurds (1 Michelin star) and FG Restaurant (2 Michelin stars). He is also the only chef in the Netherlands to have a taste laboratory where he collaborates with Leiden University, among others.

Lives: With his wife on the Müllerpier in the Lloydkwartier, a former raw harbour area that is now a hip residential area.

Noteworthy: Inherited the love for cooking from his Aruban mother. Learned the trade from culinary heroes Heston Blumenthal in London and Thomas Keller in New York. Is always looking to improve in his kitchen. Besides sublime dishes for foodies, he also regularly cooks for the homeless. Last year he treated the homeless to a golden oliebol in a batter of champagne and beer.

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Where does this two-star chef satisfy his guilty pleasures?

If I feel like being nasty, I sometimes get a bite to eat at Grillroom Mimoza on the Kruiskade in the middle of the night after my restaurants close. With a cup of Ayran, a cold Turkish drink with yoghurt, salt and water. Me time. Mimoza is the cleanest and best shawarma place in town. And for good fries, I go to the Frietboutique from Sammy and Pebbles. Tasty and not too much. Just the way I like it.

I satisfy my sweet cravings at De IJssalon on the Meent with three big scoops of ice cream: Malaga, cherry mania and grandma’s apple pie. They experiment with new flavours and they have a sense of humour. They’ve won various prizes such as De Gouden IJsspatel and the best ice cream in the Netherlands. I don’t often indulge anymore; not since I lost fifty kilos.

I’m a sneaker freak, where should I go?

François' favorite locations in Rotterdam