I’m a sneaker freak, where should I go?

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I’m a sneaker freak, where should I go?

My nickname is Sneakerchef; I have about a hundred pairs with nice thick soles. I buy them at Van den Assem on the Meent. A lovely shop with friendly people, good coffee and many brands of sneakers, also limited editions such as a pair of 911s, which match my matte green Porsche. On the Aert van Nesstraat, they have two large shoe stores, one for men and one for women.

At Woei on de Hoogstraat, they have a large collection of sneakers with many limited editions. And clothing by the Dutch artist Piet Parra, colourful and graphic. On the first floor of the Footlocker on the Lijnbaan, they have an excellent collection of Jordans and hip-hop clothing.

Time to spare, where should I shop?

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