Time to spare, where should I shop?

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Time to spare, where should I shop?

I don’t have much free time, so for me, everything has to be quick, quick. I usually do some preliminary research. I buy my suits and casual wear at Misura Sartoria. They also dress the football players of Sparta and Feyenoord. Caesar on the Karel Doormanstraat sells trendy clothes, and I also like to grab a “Kruiskadetje” (visit the Kruiskade) because of trendy shops such as Shoebaloo, Oger and Boss. I get my jeans from Denham on the Meent. The neighbourhood around the Meent is lovely. It has a good mix of terraces, shops and restaurants. Good for people-watching. A little further, on the Hoogstraat, is Harries Wine & Deli with a great selection of wines and tasty snacks.

What must I taste?

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