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Eveline Schram (32) studied cultural sciences but, after getting a bachelor’s degree at the Willem de Kooning Academy, became a graphic designer. She is starting to feel more and more like an artist. She decorates cities such as Rotterdam and Amsterdam with her outdoor art and delights the world with her illustrations and designs. A style between abstract and figurative. ‘It never feels like work.’

Lives: With her cat Poes in the Oude Noorden in a house with a little garden. With neighbours left, right and upstairs who are all equally nice.

Remarkable: Is flamboyant in her work, simple in her personal style, ‘but not boring’. She loves all shades of green and cobalt blue and recently exchanged silver jewellery for gold. ‘Looks a bit warmer.’ She likes boxing in Crooswijk and cycling aimlessly through the city on her Peugeot men’s bicycle.

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I fancy an art festival, is there one?

We hold the street art festival ALL CAPS from 4 to 11 September in the Feijenoord district of Rotterdam-Zuid. Call it an open-air museum. The name ALL CAPS is a nod to the ‘caps’, the nozzles on the spray cans in the graffiti world, but it also refers to typography, so only CAPITAL LETTERS. It’s also an ode to the late hip-hop icon MF DOOM who always wrote his name in CAPITALS.

ALL CAPS features national and international artists who will each create a mural. And I will be there too, in front of an empty wall that needs to be filled. At a good spot, near the Albeda entrance at Station Zuid.

By the way, ALL CAPS used to be called POW! WOW! but changed its name because it referred to traditional gatherings of Native Americans who considered it offensive.

Outdoor art in the city, where should I go?

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