Outdoor art in the city, where should I go?

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Outdoor art in the city, where should I go?

I like designs that have been thought about for a long time, graffiti is too ephemeral for me. Works of art in the outdoors that I like are ‘the Camel and the Companion’ by Henk Visch at the Kunsthal and the three rabbits by Tom Claassen next to it at the Natural History Museum. The Kunsthal is fun anyway. Accessible and always inspiring. Then there is De Palm by Klaar van der Lippe on Heemraadsplein and the Apples by Kees Franse in Heemraadspark. Here you can also wander across wooden bridges and under beautiful trees. And have a beer at Café Bakeliet.

I also love the mural by Anuli Croon in Zwarte Paardenstraat, a side street of Witte de With. She uses shapes, patterns and colours beautifully. Outdoor art gives the city meaning.

Another favourite mural is the one by Amok Island near Noordplein. This is a fantastic place to visit; the Rotterdam Harvest Market takes place every Saturday, and you can enjoy drinks, food and parties at Containerbar Noord and De Toko.

If I want to get away from my work in the studio, I like to cycle through the city, for example, past the Slavery Monument on the Lloydkade in the Lloydkwartier. The place where many slave journeys began. Rotterdam was actively involved in Dutch slavery for more than two centuries. Artist Alex da Silva made a ship out of Corten steel on which figures are dancing towards their freedom. I think it’s important to dwell on this. More than 80,000 descendants of enslaved people still live in Rotterdam. This part of Dutch and Rotterdam history has not received enough attention in the past. I think that art can play an important role in this.

What is there to do in the Lloydkwartier?

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