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Berend van Zanten (29) is co-owner of campaign agency Groenemorgen for sustainable ideas.

Noteworthy: Would like to remove every stone from the pavement to add more greenery to the city.

Motto: What happens between the main streets is special.

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Where should I go if I want to discover green spots in unusual places?

The rain garden in the Zomerhofkwartier is a good example of urban greening. It used to be a street with many cars and parking spaces, now it’s a park full of flowers, plants and a water storage installation. And nearby is one of the first European agricultural rooftops, De Dakakker. Once a grey roof, now a beautiful vegetable garden with many edible flowers. Festival DÂK is organised every year in August. A parking garage then transforms into a temporary park that functions as a meeting place.

Where can I find sustainable initiatives?

Berend's favorite locations in Rotterdam