Tips for 'green fanatics' on a budget?

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Tips for 'green fanatics' on a budget?

Coöperatie Ondergrond plants beautiful food forests that are fun to visit and walk through. And De Luchtsingel is also a unique place for the do-rist. Aimed at more walking and fewer cars, the pedestrian bridge is a kind of second layer on the city that connects the roofs. By the way, Gydo from Buit Eetbare Natuur, with whom I just had an appointment, organises great wild-picking walks and, although I never go into shops myself, I would like to mention the clothing-exchange store The Swapshop.

My final tip: visit some of Rotterdam’s residential areas with beautiful buildings and wonderful people such as Bloemhof and Vreewijk. See how the Rotterdammer lives.

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