Where do I find an amazing place to stay in Rotterdam?

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Where do I find an amazing place to stay in Rotterdam?

The location of the hotel is really important. The neighbourhood will influence your stay, so you have to delve into the city and the different neighbourhoods. Then you can ask yourself: do I want to sleep near the museums or on the water?

In the latter case, I can recommend Hotel New York at the Kop van Zuid, where the ships used to leave for America. The old hotel’s classic low-rise buildings and bricks are a great contrast to the new construction around it. You look out over the Maas, where you can watch the water taxis racing across the water. You can also walk to Katendrecht, Rotterdam’s former red-light district. The grand suite of Bed, Bites & Business boutique hotel is also a fantastic place to sleep. You can admire the Rijnhaven skyline with Hotel New York from your hotel room.

At Moonback, therefore, the map of the city – in this case, Rotterdam – is always central. This gives you a good idea of your temporary neighbourhood.

Where is a cool and affordable place to sleep in the city?