Where can I find Rotterdam humour?

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Where can I find Rotterdam humour?

‘You can find this at its best throughout the city in old, brown bars such as Café Timmer at Oude Binnenweg 120, Melief Bender and Café De Schouw at Witte de Withstraat 80. Galerie De Aanschouw is attached to De Schouw. Here, artists give their take on the theme ‘the meeting’: often very funny and original. Rotterdam humour is very direct and always relatable. Rotterdammers like to confront one another.

And, of course, you have to come to our Comedy Club. Inside, you can enjoy a good laugh, outside you can recover from the laughter with a cocktail at the picnic tables or loungers on our terrace. Watch out, because those serving have a sense of humour too. The laughter continues. And the great thing is that comedians like Theo Maassen and Daniel Arends like to do their try-outs here: if our public doesn’t laugh, the rest of the Netherlands won’t either.’

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