What should I not miss?
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What should I not miss?

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As Rotterdammers, we are inextricably linked to the port. The working ports where imports and exports take place have mostly left the city. All inland harbours are, therefore, the place to understand how the city was built – how it came to be, what it is now. Of course, the harbour at the Maritime MuseumLeuvehaven – but also the Wijnhaven, the Oude Haven, and the Veerhaven at the Wereldmuseum. It leaves a mark on our city! You cannot leave Rotterdam without also having been to the ‘small villages’. I really like the vibe of the Beijerlandse Laan in Zuid; it’s very much focused on food and is youthful and colourful. There is not one Rotterdam. Rotterdam has multiple identities, multiple faces. Look them up and feel the energy!