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Christoffel Wielders (43) runs a variety of leisure companies in Rotterdam. As an enterprising father of two children, he knows better than anyone where you are welcomed with open arms in the city and where you can really relax.

Favourite hide-out: Parkhaven Mini Golf Course. ‘This is the oldest course in Rotterdam on the edge of Het Park. An oasis of peace, where you can see the old-fashioned playing holes from the top of the Euromast. From grandparents to students: you will encounter young and old Rotterdam here.’

Nice and simple: ‘If I’m with fun people and the service is good, then I have a good time. It doesn’t always have to be hip and happening.’

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Why is Rotterdam the best place on earth?

Rotterdam has an industrial side that is still very visible, but also a refined and progressive side. They mix here almost naturally. If you visit the Port by Spido or Pancake Boat, you will see hard-working people next to enormous ships and hear the impressive clatter of containers banging against each other. A little further on you will find a museum like Boijmans, with thousands of impressive works of art and you can eat food from 168 nationalities all over the city. Just doing what you want to do and not feeling like anything is beneath you is typically Rotterdam. Here you can still be innovative, and people are happy when you succeed.

Where can I find the Rotterdam of the past?

Christoffel's favorite locations in Rotterdam