What would you recommend for water-lovers like me?

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What would you recommend for water-lovers like me?

If you want to splash out, I recommend hotel Nhow. The hotel was designed both inside and out by the well-known Rotterdam architect Rem Koolhaas. From your hotel room, you can see boats sailing back and forth all day long with the imposing city in the background.

When I’m with friends, I like to rent a boat and sail on the Bergse Voorplas or the Rotte River. It’s surrounded by greenery with grey herons and megalomaniac houses of successful entrepreneurs along the banks. You always see a lot of people out on their boats, and there’s plenty of nature to enjoy.

If I’m looking for peace and quiet, I take my children (and the BBQ) to the beach at Hoek van Holland. There we swim in the sea and laze about in the dunes. It’s lovely and quiet, and water is soothing, it makes you feel pleasantly tired at the end of the day. The metro now stops at the beach, you can get there in no time!

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