Where do I go for inspiration?

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Where do I go for inspiration?

In Rotterdam, you will find many areas that are not yet fully developed, but working on it, such as the Kop van Zuid and Katendrecht. Sometimes something unfinished – the imperfection – is what makes it so attractive. I find the Zomerhof Kwartier, for example, inspiring, with the creative energy of MONO, Mooie Boules and Brewpub Reijngoud, in combination with the viaduct (De Hofbogen). It feels like Berlin. If you look at the development plans and then cycle through them, it’s fun to visualise what it’s going to be like. Then there is also the international versatility of Rotterdam. West is the epitome of different cultures, fragrances and music styles; everything combined, it’s lovely, raw and authentic. Here you will experience my most important life lesson in practice: there is more than one truth!

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