Where can I find live music the Rotterdam way?

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Where can I find live music the Rotterdam way?

“At a grand café during the day, but at night I suggest Rotterdam’s well-known pop venue Rotown, a place I’ve been often. For jazz, I like to go to Jazzcafé Dizzy, it has such a Blue Note Jazz vibe. There is a lot of jamming and it reminds me of a well-known jazz club in New York, The Bitter End. Many cool festivals are held around the corner in Het Park. I was once invited to the Liberation Festival to sing to my city amongst local and national talents.

Festivals in Rotterdam are always very diverse in terms of music, and the atmosphere is good. And, of course, there is the North Sea Jazz Festival. I went there when I was 13 to see the ‘world’s greatest’ perform. I was able to get a ticket through a local radio station and watch Stevie Wonder play. His pianist did a solo that I will never forget.”

I want to dance all night to different kinds of music