The ultimate street art tour – where do I go?
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Linda & Bruce

The ultimate street art tour – where do I go?

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When you speed towards Hofplein, you can’t help but notice the prominent wall piece by Onno Poiesz, aka Ozon, on the Heer Bokelweg. Further from the centre, but all the more worthwhile, is Florentijn Hofman’s De Bospolder Vos; a 16-metre-long sculpture of a fox carrying a plastic bag in its sly mouth. Close by, you’ll find the artist Joep van Lieshout’s sculpture garden, where you can admire gigantic, unconventional sculptures. Highly recommended and fresh off the press is The Splash in Rotterdam Zuid, by Arttenders and Cindy Bakker; an interactive meeting place in the form of a swimming pool.

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