Out and about with my date, any tips?

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Out and about with my date, any tips?

Sometimes I have a hard time getting started on Saturdays due to the combination of a week of hard work and motherhood. At ten o’clock, I take an outdoor yoga class at Yogaground on the Boompjeskade. It’s a good excuse to have breakfast at Lilith afterwards, with good coffee and pancakes with fruit and maple syrup. And then I’m ready to head out with my date.

We cycle along the Binnenweg to the Museum Park, through the Euromast Park, along the water, and then we take the waterbus to Katendrecht. After lunch on the Deliplein square, we sit in the grass in front of Hotel New York or settle down on the beach chairs with a glass of wine and admire the skyline. It’s also the most beautiful place to watch the sunset.

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