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Ton Wesselink (55) is the director of ss Rotterdam. A lively museum ship where you can also spend the night. ‘The most beautiful passenger ship ever built.’

Lives: With his wife right on the water on the right bank.

Why: ‘The view of the Willemsbrug and De Hef bridges is never boring. And the ship is only a five-kilometre walk.’

Special: ‘The seagull typifies this port city. It’s the last bird you see when you sail away and the first you see again when land is in sight.’

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Where should I go for inspiration?

Get lost. Get on the tram to Zuid and follow the first lady who has a dog. Or walk there and ask a Rotterdammer: hey, what’s fun? Who better to hear it from than a local? Nothing beats dealing with Rotterdammers.

What is typical about this city?