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Siobhan Burger (33), co-owner of Arttenders, a company that connects social design with urban development and art.

Lives: In Charlois in Zuid with Peter de Weert and son Moïs (3) and daughter Niamh (1). ‘Zuid is regarded as one of the rougher parts of Rotterdam, but it’s that rugged vibe that makes it exciting.’

Why: ‘I’ve lived in Istanbul and New York, but I think Rotterdam is the universe of the world. Work, family and leisure combine so well here.’

Where are we: at Kitchen/Bar Lisabetween green starting blocks, a yellow diving board and a fake pink inflatable pool ring: a work of art by Arttenders and Cindy Bakker, inspired by the wading pools from the 60s. ‘My children have a blast here.’

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What is an absolute must-do in Zuid?

There is nothing I like more than cycling through the Maastunnel. The steep escalator you have to take is unique in the world. The Maastunnel was built during the Second World War. Completing this enormous project during such a wretched time is typical of the people of Rotterdam. On that escalator, you can see photos of the creation of the tunnel. Make sure you turn your handlebars sideways, otherwise you will bounce down to the bottom. And the best part is… It takes you to Zuid.

Once in Zuid, what do I do?

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